How to avoid tragedy off-road

Broken tow rope:

A very likely cause of the tragedy is a broken towrope. An SUV stuck in the mud can be retrieved in a variety of ways. The most common ones are either pulling out or yanking out. The second option is the most preferable.

It is used by both experienced jeepers and not so much. The only difference is that experienced ones usually use dynamic slings and correct shackles ( lifting shackles ), while inexperienced ones use ordinary textile or metal cables.

We categorically do not recommend metal cables for such purposes. It is such a cable that, if broken, can cause severe injury to people and damage to a car. These cables are usually available from tractor drivers who are so often asked to get an SUV stuck in the mud.

It is also impossible to reach a stuck jeep with an ordinary textile rope. Here you need a mighty jerk, which will simply break your cable, well, if without consequences. A dynamic sling, which can stretch, will help. It begins to contract at the moment of maximum stretching, assisting the tug in getting the stuck car.

Textile and dynamic cables also break. Even high-quality products lose their properties over time (ultraviolet, water, sand, abrasive). The consequences of a rupture are much safer than those of a metal cable. But this, if we talk only about the break of the cable.

Broken towing eyelet:

More often, the rope (sling) is stronger than the towing eyelet. It is the torn off eye that poses the greatest danger.

You can protect yourself and others in such a situation in the following ways:

● Check regularly that the towing lugs are secure and in good condition. It is not long and challenging.

● Seek help when installing towing cables only to experienced people, avoid casual spectators, “sofa experts”, “local Zhiguli owners”. Or do all the work yourself.

● Together with a dynamic sling, use a cable damper and weights. Standard models have special pockets for these purposes, into which one can pour the sand.

● Always provide a safe area around the stuck machine within a radius of at least the towing strap’s length. This is not easy because if we are talking about a mass event, it is almost impossible to disperse the crowd. Everyone wants to watch, take photos, shoot videos, etc. A loud voice and a strong mate will help you.


This is not all I wanted to say, so stay tuned for the following article. Most importantly, always draw the correct conclusions from any situation.

However, on a side note, I would like to emphasize the importance of installing the correct tyres for your vehicle. It is highly recommended that you select tyres within the scope of the best car tyre brands.

We understand that the regulatory authorities here are likely to show excessive severity and possibly introduce unnecessary bans. We also understand that what happened will discourage many organizers from holding similar holidays in the future. But we, in turn, want everyone to realize that off-roading is dangerous. As dangerous as skydiving, scuba diving or rock climbing. And that irresponsible attitude to safety can harm not only you but also those around you. Be prudent, and may there be only bright and pleasant moments in your life.

I am a blogger by profession

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