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Here’s what you need to know about the Crowned & Fierce Beauty — Qatar

Experience beauty at the Cultural Village

It is also the Valley of Cultures, including an opera house, a theatre, art galleries, various educational institutions, cafes, green areas, museums. What to do there: get acquainted with the traditions, culture, architecture of the country. The Cultural Village hosts dozens of events, exhibitions, concerts, theatre and opera premieres every day.

Dare to skydive right in the city centre

If you are strong and brave and have long dreamed of skydiving, why not do it high above a futuristic, modern city surrounded by a vast desert with epic views of the Persian Gulf? Is it safe? Yes! Qatari instructors are experienced in this matter. So if you get tired of looking at the beautiful, go straight to the sky.

Dine at the revolving restaurant atop the Aspire Tower

It is also known as The Torch Doha. It is a 300-meter skyscraper hotel and a symbol of the 15th Asian Games organized by Qatar in 2006. This is the tallest building in the country. Inside are a steep infinity pool and a 360-degree rotating restaurant. There is also to admire the view — what else is needed for happiness?

Climb the Barzan Towers

They were built in the late 1800s and were used as sentries to prevent the possibility of an Ottoman invasion. Later they came in handy for checking the new moon’s accuracy during the holy month of Ramadan. You will see what life was like for divers and the military two hundred years ago, climb to the very top and admire the vertical panorama.

Finally, go shopping at the Villaggio mall.

One of the most impressive architectural structures in Doha is designed in this style to find yourself in a small Qatari Venice. The Villagio Mall is so large that it will take hours to explore all the shops, from casual retail to high-end luxury products. There you can also go ice skating and roller coasters, play bowling and eat delicious food.

Recommendations for tourists

When planning a trip to Doha, a city with the Muslim faith and conservative traditions, the following points should be considered:

● both women and men when travelling in the capital of Qatar must adhere to the local dress code, according to which the shoulders and knees must be covered;

● in Doha, it is not customary to flaunt feelings between a man and a woman;

● The workweek here starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are days off, but many offices are open on Saturday;

● Shops do not sell alcohol. You can buy alcoholic beverages in the bars of four- or five-star hotels that have a special license. Drinking alcohol in a public place is considered a crime;

● Small shops and markets do not accept credit cards. There are quite a few ATMs in Doha;

● Getting around is pretty easy; you can rent a car in Doha, Qatar.

A few quick facts on an endnote

● Camel racing is a traditional entertainment in Qatar

● Film City is called a ghost town in the vast Qatari desert

● The Khor al-Udeid Inland Sea is a natural landmark of the region

● Flamingos can be seen on a mangrove island

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